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Official Flag of AsianLand

National Flag
Nation Team Team: Blue Blue
Currency Won Won
Native Resources Cattle Wheat
Bonus Resources Beer

AsianLand was created on April 13, 2008. After a couple days, it joined the Global Democratic Alliance. The Leader of AsianLand, AsianLeader, did not become fully involved in GDA until mid-June when he became part of the Recruitment Department. In the July/August term, AsianLeader was the Deputy Minister of Recruitment under the command of Suzyland, and remained so until one week into the September/October term, where he resigned as such for RL reasons. He became the diplomat to Umbrella and LoSS a month later in October. During the elections for the January/February term, AsianLeader was asked by both candidates to be the Minister of Recruitment which he accepted.

Since the end of his term at the end of February, AsianLeader left the GDA and make his own alliance with RL friends called the Democratic Order of Anarchy.