Pronunciation [ˈkɑːlʲɪkʲ a s̪rˠahj xɫ̪uəɣ]
Spoken in Asgarnia
Dio Machino Urbo
Eastern pacemaker
Roma Lazius
3vils Den
Official in Portugal
Total Speakers 1,500,000 (2013 est)
Language Family Indo-European
Script Latin
Regulated by Government of Portugal

Asgarnnian (Sgarnaen) is a Romance language predominantly spoken in Portugal, Cyberia and Asgarnia .With more than 100 million native speakers, Asgarnnia is spoken in widely distributed parts of the world, and is one of the 100 spoken languages in the world. Because Portugal , with 87 million inhabitants and Cyberia with 50 million, constitutes about 86% of the Lusitanian population, Asgarnian is the most widely spoken language in ODN and it is also one of the major official languages in Europe. Asgarnnian language is often nicknamed The Imperial Language after The God Emperor.

Genesis Edit

Asgarnnian descents from Neo-Portuguese, a form of popular portuguese slang that developed during World War III, the Language started to spread trought the cyberverse and finally arrived to Utz, and after the Romania Dinasty it becamed the official language, and after centuries of developement in a war-torn nation, it started devoloping into Daghezy and Asgarnnian, although Asgarnnian devoloped substancialy during the arrival of the God Emperor.

Diferences betwen Asgarnnian and Neo-Portuguese Edit

Firstly, the main reason why Asgarnnian is apart from Neo-Portuguese is the accent, centuries in a desert war-torn nation, the use of foreign slang repeatedly made Asgarnnian a bowl of slang and English, French, and other languages united. Leet also has many influences.

For instance, let's see a sentence in the 3 languages to look out the diferences.

Portuguese: Isto é espetacular, melhor que os outros

Neo-Portuguese: Ist spetucula, melo ke soutro os

Asgarnnian: Est über, letnes ki sotor es

English: This is cool, better then the other ones

The diference is in suport words (os, é) that simply disapeard and the form of the adjective changes depending on the use.

Also sgarnnian started to lost special characters : ^~´` started to disapear to make an easyer language, and today only erudites learn and speak the old portuguese.

Offsrpings Edit

From asgarnnian a number of languages as been born, including daghezy, Neo-asgarnnian, Neo-European and Neo-lusitaniian.

Politics Edit

it is currently offical language in 10 nations and in other 4 as secondary language, but only in 1 of these it is learned in schools.

Importance in Cyber Nations Edit

Asgarnnian is currently a very very low importance in the cyberverse, not being used in any international conversation, making it a very low profile language.

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