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Treaty introduction[]

Gentle Persons

The Noble alliance of Asgaard and the Order of the Black Rose are pleased to announce that after sometime working together for economic benefit of both, that Asgaard has honoured the OBR by signing as the first signatory of a Letter of Amity.

Treaty text[]


  1. Acknowledge a desire to further relations in a formal fashion.
  2. Pledge special care in the positive discourse between members in all public venues.
  3. Refrain from negative commentary or complaint in all public venues.
  4. Agree to resolve all reasonable grievances in a private and cordial manner.
  5. Will pursue broader social contact between members.
  6. Open economic interests with each other
  7. Share information or intelligence that is received that impacts the other.
  8. Be open to enhancing the level of formal diplomatic relations where reasonable.
  9. Refrain from any aggressive military action or spying efforts against the other.
  10. Refrain from providing succour to an enemy of the other during war.
  11. Will provide knowledge, advice and aid in reasonable measure as requested.
  12. Maintain a formal active diplomatic post in the Alliance Forum of each other.

Cancellation may be sadly accepted with 48 hours notice and a further 72 hours of NAP.

For Asgaard[]

  • The Aesir
    • Tyr- Lonewolfe2015
    • Loki- Gambona
    • Magni- Mustakrakish II
  • The Vanir
    • Thaisport
    • Hunger
    • Commander Thrawn

For the Order of the Black Rose[]

  • Sir Winslow Knight Protector
  • The Knights Council

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