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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded.
Ascended Republic of Elite States
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ARES Official Flag

ARES Official Flag

ARES War Flag
ARES War Flag
ARES Motto: Vote with your MEAT!
Anthem: Ascendia (de facto)
Team Color Blue team.gif Blue
Founder(s) Joe Stupid, Caossal, Saphirefenix, p0rkSab3r, Barix9, v0.0v, Jotti, Monstermaster, Rob26480, Bob Ilyani
Founded June 1, 2008

Supreme Commander: Belkan Federation

  • Vice Regent: Vacant
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: redisforever
  • Minister of Internal Affairs: General Dolan
  • Minister of War: DanielT

Other Officials
Executive Branch
Deputy Ministers
  • Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Vacant
  • Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs:
  • Deputy Minister of War:

Legislative Branch
Senate (suspended due to Constitution's provisions)
  • Senator: Vacant
  • Senator: Vacant
  • Senator: Vacant

Blue Senate None
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The Ascended Republic of Elite States is a small-sized alliance on the blue sphere, historically dedicated to making allies, both inside and outside the alliance, rather than being overly belligerent. Members of the alliance focus on treating each other with the utmost respect and assist as much as they can in its daily functioning. Many members will even go out of their way to speed up the growth of big and small nations alike.

While the Republic has declined in status, they built up strong relationships with several other alliances, and continue to pledge to remain when conducting inter-alliance affairs, or during day-to-day existence.


Main article: Charter of the Ascended Republic of Elite States

The Charter of the Ascended Republic of Elite States regulates and defines the structure and powers of the government as well as the admission/ expulsion of members. It is sometimes referred by ARES members as their "Constitution".


The Ascended Republic of Elite States was spawned from loyalists to the Ascended Coalition of Liberty when that alliance was merged into Ragnarok. The Ascended Republic of Elite States will always be grateful to, and recognize Ragnarok for accommodating the formation of this alliance, and offering protection during the formation.

Birth of the ARES[]

The founders of this great alliance were from the once great alliance of Ascended Coalition of Liberty. Several members of the government in the ACL prepared to merge, unbeknownst to the rest of the government with another great alliance, with our protector Ragnarok.

This merge was not agreed upon by many members of ACL, including some of the government members, including founders Joe Stupid, Caossal, Barix9, Saphirefenix, v0.0v, p0rkSab3r, and Monstermaster. They laid the ground work for an alliance, Writing the charter, finding a protectorate, choosing a name, and designing a flag. After a few weeks of hard work, they gained members for the soon to be alliance.

History of ARES[]

Under Construction

Internal Workings[]

ARES internal and external policies are defined by their Constitution. The Charter is considered the highest law of the alliance and provides the mean to grow and expand safely. A copy of the charter can be found in the Cyber nations Forums.

Other documents that ARES abides by are various ordinances instituted by collaboration between the Supreme Commander and his Ministers.

Notable Events[]

Following the events after the last war, the Government of ARES underwent considerable reorganization. Jtkode resigned as Supreme Commander, making partymaster, ARES Vice-Regent, to take the office, 3 Ministers left office but only 2 candidates were appointed since the 3rd one left office roughly a month after the last war. All Deputy's Minister's post were now vacant (the DMoIA was vacant for the longest time) and ARES found a candidate and he now holds two Deputy Offices with the 3rd one still vacant. Also, a member of the government have proposed a new Constitution to replace the old one and this one call for a parliamentary system of government in which the Executive and Legislative are connected with each other with an independent judiciary. A vote is pending whether or not to replace the old Constitution with the proposed one. The Legislative Branch is currently suspended due to the members count needed for the lawmaking body to function and will not be in use until the requirement has been met. The Executive Branch, as of right now, have empty government offices in need of filling and members of ARES are looking for potential candidates to fill in the empty offices. Some members think the Executive Government is too disorganized to them and proposed an election that will establish a new official Executive Government. The current Executive Government is considering the proposal but they have yet to give their formal opinion.

Government Workings[]

  • Supreme Commander: Belkan Federation
  • Minister of War: DanielT
  • Deputy minister of War: Vacant
  • Supreme Commander: Belkan Federation
  • Minister of Internal Affairs: GeneralDolan
  • Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs: Vacant
  • Supreme Commander: Belkan Federation
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Redisforever
  • Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Vacant

ARES Treaties[]

ARES Treaties
Date Treaty Type With Status Info
Feb 6, 2009 MDoAP New Polar Order Canceled Click!
Jun 21, 2010 MDoAP Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations Cancelled Click!
Nov 26, 2011 MDP Random Insanity Alliance Active Click!
Jun 11, 2010 MDoAP Global Order of Darkness Cancelled Click!
Mar 23, 2009 MDoAP Union of Integrated National Entities Canceled Click!
Dec 29, 2008 MDoAP Ragnarok Canceled. Click!
Aug 15, 2008 MDoAP Vanguard Canceled Click!
Feb 25, 2009 MDoAP The Order of Halsa Disbandment Click!
Feb 23, 2009 MDoAP Genesis Disbandment Click!
Oct 8, 2008 MDP United Blue Directorate Downgraded Click!
Oct 17, 2011 PIAT Nuclear Proliferation League Canceled Click!

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