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Asbest is a Uralican city, named after the trade for which it is best known, asbestos mining. Although this trade has declined somewhat due to research and development into less carcinogenic fire retardation technology, asbestos is still exported.

That said, the largest sector in Asbest nowadays has nothing to do with asbestos at all. With the buyout of failing UralAsbest by Bolak Corp., the ferrous metallurgy trade in the city has skyrocketed, as has the production of goods with other non-metallic minerals. Pharmaceutical goods and heavy machinery are produced. Also, Asbest is one of a few Uralican cities whose industry is involved in the TOOL Seismic Retrofitting Initiative. Although most of the research was done in seismically active nations such as Big Stone Head Land, Neo Chinese Empire, and Dhammapada, Uralica is one of the nations responsible for actually constructing the necessary materials due to the sheer volume of iron mined, and steel produced, in the nation, and Asbest is Uralica's leading production city in terms of rebars for ferroconcrete.

Due to the importance of Asbest for this particular venture, it was given its own highway route in the Intra-Uralican Highway Network, that is, Highway UH-2B, to speed up transportation of rebars by road. It also has an international airport for this exact reason, although it is one of the smallest in Uralica.


As a city with a largely industrial history, Asbest isn't particularly tourist-friendly. As for demographics, the city's population is largely composed of the country's two largest ethnic groups - Russian and Finnish - with many Permyaks and Bashkirs in the area as well. Still, the city has all the local entertainment perks that any other Uralican city would have - movie theatres, a chain of libraries, a couple concert halls, and some municipal parks for leisure.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • UralAsbest Asbest


  • Asbest City
  • FK Asbest
  • Retrofitnik Asbest

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Spartak Asbest
  • Dinamo Asbest
  • Zenit Asbest
  • Gornyak Asbest
  • Transit Asbest
  • Stolitsa Asbest
  • Torpedo Asbest
  • Traktor Asbest
  • Mashinist Asbest
  • Metallurg Asbest
  • Finnsky Klub Asbest
  • Promyshlennik Asbest


  • UralAsbest RMS (non-League)

Ice Hockey[]

  • UralAsbest MHK (non-League)


  • UralAsbest BK (non-League)

Rugby Sevens[]

  • UralAsbest RFK (non-League)

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Ilyinsky
  • Vostochnyy