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In the beginning, Darth Sion, part of the brotherhood of sith of Atlantis, was on a recon mission in the deep pacific with a squad of his finest troops and one general, when the nation of Atlantis had been nuked by another hostile nation and had sunken to the bottom of the ocean,and when Sion came back he was nearly killed bye the shock that his fmily and friends were all dead, but the few survivors of the city joined sion and is squad to the polar region of the world to find a new home. 2 years later they had found a small island in the Artic sea and descided to make it there home and the new nation Artico.

The First StepsEdit



Ice map

The Fortress Sith Academy of Darth Sion in the middle of Golan

Now Darth Sion needed a place for his atlantean colony that wasn't just camps so for a hole year they started building the capital city of Golan, but Darth Sion needed money, and building a city would take millions but, while on a recon mission throughout the terrain they found out that there nation had caves full of Gold and Aluminium which made the nation very wealthy indeed so they could make the city of Golan with no problems.

And after the city was finished a year later the atlantians moved in and the polar nation looked like it was progressing rapidly. And then the altlantean builders and engineers started on other Artic Cities: Leviatana, Haven, Spargus, Theonor, Rohan and Chronicy, which, counting Golan, were the Seven Polar Cities of Artico.

The Sith AcademyEdit

The Sith Academy of Golan trains special troops in the force and lightsaber fighting. This grand structure is in the very center of Golan and is the home of Darth Sion leader of Artico. Each person who trains in the academy has to be force sensitive and starts out as a padawan to Darth Sion and they train there for 2 years as padawans...After the training program all padawans are tested on which city and Sith Lord they should serve under... Golan: Grand Master Darth Sion, Leviatana: Darth Malak, Haven: Darth Mar, Spargus: Darth Redanltsaw, Theonor: Darth Sauron, Rohan: Darth Traya and Chronicy: Darth Plaguis. All who finish there training become Sith Knights guardians of there city. The only way a new Sith Lord is named is when a new city has been built.

The Imperial Assualt AllainceEdit


The Port L'imperial

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