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Arsenal 10
Head of Economics of the Random Insanity Alliance

Flag of Arsenalia

Arsenal 10 is the ruler of the nation of Arsenalia. He is a former Head of Economics of the Random Insanity Alliance.


Arsenal 10 joined the RIA soon after his nation was founded, approximately a day after to be exact, on November 4, 2007. He has been a member of the alliance. He was first seen in the RIA's political scene during the end of April 2007 elections where he ran for Head of Economics. He won the election defeating the incumbent Lord Doom with 65.52% of the votes. During his term he was successful within the RIA's economic department. He remained the Head of Economics through the next election until he decided to not re-run in the elections at the end of May. In the August elections Arsenal decided to run for Head of Recruitment after crazyisraelie resignation and leave from Cyber Nations and was elected as he ran unopposed. He, however, later announced that he was resigning and soon leaving Planet Bob on September 16, 2008. He later returned to Planet Bob and the RIA on January 5, 2009. He later ran for an was elected as Head of Foreign Affairs in the September 2009 elections. He remained HoFA for one term and choose not to re-run in the November 2009 elections.


  • RIARecruit2.png Recipient of the RIA's RIcruitment Medal for March and April 2008
  • RIADistinctionHoR.jpg Winner of the RIA's HoR's Distinction for March 2008.
  • RIAFunktaurAward.png Winner of the RIA's Cactaur Award for March and Funktaur Award for May 2008.


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