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Army of Guardsland
Guardsland flag
Chief of Staff Field Marshall Robert Prince
Official Languages English
Ceremonial Head of Army His Royal Highness King Xander II
Army Motto Secundus ut nullus 'Second to none'
Estimated Man power '73,000 Men, although this number is quickly expanding


The Royal Guardsland Army (RGA) is formed into 7 traditional Divisions. These divisions now are no longer just infantry or just cavalry but are mixed forces with engineers, medics, artillery also attached. The Divisions still keep there original names (except the cavalry Divisions) and each has their own flag which is also their TRF (Tactical Recognition Flash). Each division is broken down into:

  • 4 Infantry Brigades
  • 2 Cavalry Brigades
  • 1 Logistics Brigade
  • 2 Engineers Brigades (Includes Mechanical and Electrical Engineers)
  • 3 Artillery Brigades
  • 1 Royal Army Air Corps Brigade

Each of these Brigades is in turn broken down into battalions, Companys, Platoons and finally squads.

Guards Division (Redcoats)Edit

Gdiv flag

Guards Division Flag

The Guards Division has the honour of being the formost division. When the army is paraded it holds the position of honour on the left flank. It is a big part of the history of Guardsland and traditionally holds the role of the King's personal bodyguard. They wear a bearskin made out of the fur of the Black Bear of the Ora Mountains. You cannot join the Guards division straight from civilian life. You have to serve a minimum of 3 years in the regular or 6 years in the Terrtorial Army. See the Guards Division page for more info.


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