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The Armenian Highland Protectorate is an agreement between the Christian Coalition of Countries and the Armenian Highland. The treaty was signed on March 11, 2009 and is still active.


As our friends from the Armenian Highlands grow and prosper, the Christian Coalition of Countries endeavours to offer its brothers military and economic assistance as a means of fostering mutual stability and protection. We, the Christian Coalition of Countries, offer our umbrella of protection to the Armenian Highlands in the form of this protectorate.

Article I[]

This Pact shall not infringe on the sovereignty of the signatories and shall serve to only embody the friendship and trust amongst the signatory alliances.

Article II[]

The CCC will offer military aid and protection to the Armenian Highlands when it is attacked, be it through diplomatic channels and/or military action, at the request of the Armenian Highlands. Any attack on the Armenian Highlands is considered an attack on the CCC, and the CCC will readily come to the Armenian Highland's defense and will use due diligence to protect the Armenian Highlands and use its diplomacy to seek a quick and peaceful resolution.

Article III[]

In order to strengthen ties and bonds, both sides are free to engage in trade, tech deals, and other forms of aid. In the mutual defense of the signatories, both sides will freely share any information or intelligence that would be considered important in their mutual protection.

Article IV[]

Given the non-aggressive nature of the CCC, the Armenian Highlands must not engage in aggressive wars. Any military action outside of immediate defense from an aggressor must be approved by the CCC, and any and all military actions must be brought to the attention of the CCC.

Article V[]

Any treaty that the Armenian Highlands desires to sign must be approved by the CCC in order to preserve our mutual defense and so that our treaties will not conflict with the other.

Article VI[]

As a protectorate, the Armenian Highlands is not obligated to help the CCC in a time of war, but the CCC reserves the right to ask for military assistance, be it in the form of military support or aid. The CCC will readily accept volunteers for military service and will open its military forums to these volunteers as a means of organization, training, etc.

Article VII[]

Notification for the cancellation of this treaty will be done 72 hours prior to the actual cancellation.


For the Christian Coalition of Countries:

  • Bolak - Chancellor
  • Slave2Jesus - Vice Chancellor
  • clcarte2 - Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Jelly Doughnut - Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Buzzboygt - Minister of Defense

For the Armenian Highland:

  • Drastamat Kanayan, Field Marshal of Armenian Highland
  • Agha Petros Elia, Catholicos of Armenian Highland

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