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Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Flag of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
The official Banner of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Service branches Ground Force
Air Forces
Commander-in-Chief the President of the Russian Federation
Military age 15-49
Conscription Yes
Available for
military service
35,247,049, age 15–49
Fit for
military service
21,000,000 (2008 est.), age 15–49
Reaching military
age annually
821,103 (2007 est.)
Active personnel 1,037,000
Reserve personnel 0


The history of the Armed Forces of Russia begins at 00:01, on the 1st of January 1992 when the President of the USSR officially resigned and also transferred the powers of the Supreme Commander of the Red Army to the President of the Russian Federation. The Russian Army has since then gone through tough times financially and although large amounts of money have been spent during the 2000s the Russian army still remains at a fraction of the Soviet one.


Supreme Commander[]

The President of the Russian Federation is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, both in peace time and when the country is at war.


Ground Forces[]

Strategic Rocket Forces[]

The Strategic Rocket Forces is currently commanded by General of the Army, Nikolai Serdyukov. The use of the BCMs has to be authorized by the president.

Ballistic Cruise Missiles in the Russian Armed Forces
English name Russian name Number in arsenal Used by Other info
Rt-2UTTKh "Topol-M" Рт-2УТТКх "Тополь-М" 20 Strategic Rocket Forces
Rt-3UTTKh "Bulava" Рт-3УТТКх "Булава" 15 Navy, Strategic Rocket Forces The Submarine-based version of the Topol-M
RT-23 "Molodets" РТ-23 "Молодец" 11 Strategic Rocket Forces
R-36 P-36 4 Strategic Space Forces, Is to be replaced by the Topol-M missile by 2015

  • In its Russian designation РТ stands for "ракета твердотопливная," Raketa Tverdotoplivnaya ("solid fuel rocket"), while УТТХ - for "улучшенные тактико-технические характеристики," uluchshenniye taktiko-tekhnicheskie kharahteristiki ("improved tactical and technical characteristics"). "Topol" (тополь) in Russian means "poplar".
  • In the Russian-Cosmerian War in the fall of 2009 the Topol-M missiles performed excellently. The 15th Strategic Rocket Ground Forces Division launched several successful missile attacks on the Cosmerian forces.
  • Both the Topol-M and the Bulava missiles are designed to carry up to 5 nuclear warheads each. It is planned that the Russian Federation will start developing missiles equipped with nuclear warheads in fall 2010.

Air Force[]


Baltic Fleet[]

Northern Fleet[]

Black Sea Fleet[]

Pacific Fleet[]

Armed Forces[]

Forces of the Ministry of the Interior[]

Special Anti Terrorist Force[]


Militsiya is used as a short official name of the civilian police in the former Soviet Union, despite its original military connotation.

The Russian MVD was recreated as the MVD of the Russian SFSR in 1990, following the restoration of the republican Council of Ministers and Supreme Soviet, and remained when Russia gained independence from the Soviet Union. It currently controls the Militsiya, the State Road Inspection Service (GAI), and the Internal Troops. Since the disbanding of the Tax Police, it also investigates economic crimes.


The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation is the main domestic security service of the Russian Federation. The FSB is involved mainly in internal affairs, border security, and surveillance, but participates also in some counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism operations which are mostly operated by the KGB. Both the FSB and the KGB are subordinated the Office of the President of the Russian Federation and they answer to the President only.


Ranks in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Ground Forces Navy Air Force FSB Other info
Marshal of the Russian Federation n/a n/a n/a the highest rank in the Russian Armed Forces
General of the Army Admiral of the Fleet General of the Army General of the Army n/a
General Admiral General n/a n/a
Lieutenant General Vice Admiral Lieutenant General Lieutenant General n/a
Major General Counter Admiral Major General Major General n/a
Colonel Commodore Colonel Colonel n/a
Major Senior Captain Major Major n/a
Captain Captain Captain n/a n/a
Lieutenant Captain Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant n/a
Starshina Warrant Officer Starshina n/a n/a
Sergeant Senior Seaman Sergeant Sergeant the lowest rank to be accepted into the FSB
Private Seaman Private n/a n/a