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People's Order of Truth

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Politics and government of
the People's Order of Truth

Government of POT
Charter of the People's Order of Truth
Emperor: bluebirdmatt
Speaker of the Senate: Vacant
Senator of the Treasury: shaneprice

Senator of Foreign Affairs: wingedwolfmgless
Senator of Interior Affairs: Pollard
Senator of Defense: DarknessDecends

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The Armed Forces of the People's Order of Truth, administered by the Defense Secretary, is the primary armed wing of POT. The current Defense Secretary is Trumpkin, and has been since 11 January 2010.


The armed forces are organized into battalions, each of which are administered by the Defense Secretary. The official military policy of the People's Order of Truth designates that the number of battalions and their strength ranges change from time to time to reflect the composition and diversity of the strength of memberstates.

Battalion Strength range Commanding officer Battalion in service
Alpha 0 to 8,999 Lt. Ray Matveyev since 2 Mar 2010
Beta 9,000 and above Lt. KOwens06 since 2 Mar 2010