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Deltoran Republic

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The Armed Forces of the Deltoran Republic is the offical military force of the Deltoran Republic. It consisits of the main branches as well as sub-branchs.

The President is the overall head of the military, and helps form military policy but the department of defence (DoD), a Federal Executive Department is the principal organ by which the policy is carried out. The DoD is headed by the Secretary of Defence (SoD) who is a citizen of Deltora and a member of the Deltoran Cabinet, and also serves as the President's fourth-in-command of the military. To coordinate military action with Diplomacy, the President has an advisory board, the National Security Council, headed by a National Security Counciler. Both the President and Secretary of Defense (as well as the monarchry) are advised by the Deltoran Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCoS), which includes the offical head of each of the military service branches, led by the Deltoran Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Deltoran Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


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The Armed Forces of the Deltoran Republic has seen many conflicts, including the global war PB-NpO War and the Jihad War and DR-JBR CIA conflicts

DRS "Union Star"

The DRS Union Star, the flagship of the navy

Leadership and enlisting overviewEdit

The TDR Military is led by the President but ordered while overseas by the General who also holds the role of Secretary of War in the TDR Government. Soldiers can volunteer freely, but in times of war the Assembly can announce a draft.


There are currently 5,343,738 Deltoran personal serving on active duty. 6 million Deltorans are currently on reserve in the Deltoran Republic military.

Ranks Edit

Service BranchesEdit


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The Deltoran Army Forces (DLAF) is the main branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for land-based military operations. It is the largest branch of the Deltoran military, and is one of the six service branches of the Republic. The primary goal of the Army is to provide land-based Denfensive and Offensive forces to the Defence Department of Deltora.

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