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Armed Forces of Jaduka
Jadukan Armed Forces Seal
Seal of the Jadukan Armed Forces
Service branches Jadukan Land Forces
Jadukan Air Forces
Jadukan Maritime Forces
Jadukan Special Forces
Commander-in-Chief King Domo De Dovo
Military age 18
Conscription Yes
Available for
military service
1,166,000, age 15–49
Active personnel 48,000
Reserve personnel 0

The Armed Forces of Jaduka are the national defense forces of the Kingdom of Jaduka and are tasked with protecting Jaduka's borders, preserving territorial integrity and sovereignty, and securing of Jaduka's interests abroad.

The Jadukan Armed Forces consist of the Jadukan Land Forces, Jadukan Air Forces, Jadukan Maritime Forces, and Jadukan Special Forces.


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The current Armed Forces of Jaduka (AFoJ) was created with the remnants of the Crimean armed forces when Jaduka declared independence.


The stated mission of the Armed Forces of Jaduka is to:

Protect the borders, preserve territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state, security of interests abroad, safeguard the people from foreign attack, safeguard the government from internal attack, actively prepare and execute programs of prevention against nuclear, biological, chemical, conventional, terroristic, electronic, and/or other attacks orginating foreign and domestic, and search and destroy any land, air, maritime, or space based threats that could compromise the safety of the people, preservation of the culture, and/or sovereignty of the nation.