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National Flag
"If it's not impossible, it's not interesting"
Capital City A Second Chance
Established 10/29/2009
Nation Team Team: Red Red


Armaria first applied to join the New Pacific Order on October 29, 2009, the day his nation was created. Armaria originally considered joining The Grand Lodge of Freemasons, however their application process intimidated him. Waterana sent a recruiting message to Armaria and mentioned that the Order had a radio. This intrigued Armaria, and he applied to the Order. His application was approved on November 3, and Armaria entered the Imperial Academy. In the Academy he learned the ways of the Order as well as how to properly manage his nation and engage in war. Armaria also used this time to read the works of Vladimir on Francoism, briefly conversing with Vladimir about his ideas. Those ideas interested Armaria, and convinced him he was in the right alliance.

After joining the Order Armaria floated around a bit. He wanted to try recruiting and joined the Recruiting Corps. He discovered that recruiting was very long, repetitive work, not something Armaria enjoyed. He decided to depart from the Recruiting Corps. After trying out a few more jobs, most notably catching pirates, he joined the Diplomatic Corps. He had some experience in the diplomatic area, and thought it would be a department he could enjoy working in.

Diplomatic Corps[]

Armaria joined the Diplomatic Corps on November 12, 2009. After passing the Diplomatic Academy Armaria was assigned to Monos Archein as an ambassador. He described Monos Archein as a quiet alliance, but still worked to establish relationships with the members. He held a Q&A, seeking to improve knowledge of the Order within Monos Archein as well as learning more about the alliance he was assigned to. Originally Armaria sought to join the Red Sphere team as well as his duties to MA, but after discussing it with the Diplomatic Leadership he decided to stay in his current group, adding Ragnarok to the list of alliances he was ambassador to. At this time Armaria took a brief leave of absence. When he returned he started communicating with the two alliances he was ambassador to. His work caught the attention of Farrin, a Special Envoy in the Diplomatic Corps. Due to Armaria's work ethic and dedication, he was promoted to Diplomatic Counsel on February 22, 2010. Currently Armaria works with Farrin to ensure that all ambassadors to Super Friends alliances are active and doing their jobs, as well as maintaining friendly relationships with other alliances and learning about them to distill the information for the Order's leadership.

Positions Past and Present[]