Arkhangel'sk-Severodvinsk is Uralica's largest unitary authority, and it is also home to an extensive system of harbours and ports that is often considered to be one large unit. It is quite large, exceeding the two smallest Uralican counties (Mennoland and Kudymkar Circle) in size, with a diameter of roughly 39 kilometres.

Arkhangel'sk-Severodvinsk UA

Flag of Arkhangel'sk-Severodvinsk Unitary Authority.

Contrary to the first impression the name may give some, there are actually three full-sized incorporated settlements within the UA, and also a small hamlet. Arkhangel'sk has traditionally been the largest of these, and sits right in the centre of the large delta. Severodvinsk is on the far western side of the delta. The third major centre is Novodvinsk, which is about 20 kilometres upstream of Arkhangel'sk and only has roughly one tenth of the population of the same, but is an important freshwater port. The small hamlet is Tsiglomen', a former constituent borough of Arkhangel'sk that was granted separate town status in 2009.

The flag of the UA is actually the old flag of historical Arkhangel'sk Oblast, most of which now sits in Northwest Uralica with the remainder comprising Woodlands and Kotlas counties.

Major Constituent Settlements Edit

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