This Page is dedicated to the men and women that have effected Aredan in a Positive or negative way, some people have their own pages dedicated to them, while others may just be mentioned briefly here. People are sorted by their most influential area within the Nation.

Government InfluencesEdit


Reziun Trent was one of co-founders of Aredan along with Theadric. While Reziun was not a confident leader he has become a well established diplomat to the Christian Coalition of Countries. Reziun has become known as the main voice for the Aredan nation within the world of Planet Bob.


Theadric Yest was the other co-founder of Aredan under Reziun. Theadric would quickly take up the position of Dictator for Aredan: TE Command (commonly known as ATEC). While also withdrawing from the position of Dictator, Theadric would soon take up the position as the voice and Ambassador of ATEC to Planet Bob and the alliances that ATEC might join.



Zenizen Trist would become the acting dictator of Aredan on May 3, 2009 after Reziuns withdrawl as dictator on May 1, 2009. Zenizen would create the Conscrption Act of May 3 as well as Military Rule and Military Guard
Zenizen was also known to first establish Aredan into Districts so that the nation might have more management.

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