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On May 8, 2009 There will be hopes of the first official elections of the nations of Aredan.
Listed below are the current runner ups.

May 8, 2009 Candidate Ballot
Presidential Candidates
Candidates Name Vice President Candidate Political Party
Stephen Bovarti Trenton Mostaf Democratic Union
Wessen Smithep Jared Machavo Guardian Order
Adam Boyyd Einstein Frandin Republic Imperium
High Minister
Candidates Name Political Party
Dedric Thompson Democratic Union
Marcus Yades Guardian Order
Erik Strutson Republic Imperium
ATEC Chancellor
Candidates Name Political Party
Larson Peters Democratic Union
Orion Trent Guardian Order
Karson Lament Republic Imperium

Election Results[]

On the evening hours of May 9, 2009 the results from the May 8th election would finally be decided. Wessen Smithep and Jared Machavo (both Guardian Order) would win President and Vice President by what was considered a small landslide. The new High Minister would be Dedric Thompson (Democratic Union) in a large landslide. Finally ATEC Chancellor would be Orion Trent (Guardian Order) in which he would win by only 14 votes. The first elected officials are to take office on May 11, 2009 and from there will forever steer the future of Aredan, even if only for their one term.

May 8, 2009 Election Results
Presidential Votes
Candidates Percentage Vote Popular Vote
Stephen Bovarti
Trenton Mostaf
28% 1484
Wessen Smithep
Jared Machavo
45% 2412
Adam Boyyd
Einstein Frandin
27% 1446
High Minister
Candidates Percentage Vote Popular Vote
Dedric Thompson 54% 2871
Marcus Yades 28% 1516
Erik Strutson 18% 955
ATEC Chancellor
Candidates Percentage Vote Popular Vote
Larson Peters 17% 891
Orion Trent 42% 2232
Karson Lament 42% 2218