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“These are the times that try men’s souls.”

The Great States are battling for control of the CyberVerse…

In the beginning, these Great States lived in harmony. However, petty religious and ethnic differences, combined with the influences of the factional alignments threatened to destroy the delicate balance of power.

Tensions boiled to a conflict when the ruler Nogalypse created a second nation for the purpose of providing aid and soldiers to his original nation. These actions greatly angered the other states, leading to the First Great War. In order to check the seemingly unjust growth of the state, Czar Josef delivered a Declaration of War to Nogalypse. Shortly thereafter, battle ensued, with new nations, Nogalypse’s second nation, and Thurion, ruled by the noble Admiral Unitarian, entering the conflict.

After thousands of years of conflict, and countless billions of casualties, an uneasy peace ensued throughout the CyberVerse. In order to prevent such conflicts, the wise rulers of the Great States decided to create a new world order, an alliance that would serve to bring together the collective armies of the Great States in order to ensure the perpetual existence of such states, from both external influences and each other.

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