This alliance has disbanded as of September 2, 2007. (Note: Due to the War(Operation ANTIOCH) with NATO)

ALMEA Charter

Section 1: Inrtoduction

Article 1

This is the Charter of the Arabic Lebanese Middle Eastern Alliance. This is the Alliance that was formed to spread peace, Unity, and Prosperity.

Article 2

ALMEA is an alliance that traces peace wherever it goes. It works on the prosperity and growth of our nations. It is an alliance like no other.

Section 2: Politics

Article 1: Government

ALMEA is based as a republic formed government. The government is formed of the following Poisitions

The Emperor : He leads ALMEA and my over-rule any decision by the council.


Minister Of Finance: Takes care of ALMEA's treasury

Minister Of Defence: Makes sure ALMEA is Safe and is militarily strong

Minister Of Interior: Takes care of the website and comes up with ideas for the alliance. He is also responsible for the security of the forum.

Minister Of Domestic Affairs: Takes care of recruiting and masking!

Minster Of Foreign Affairs: Takes care of foregin business

Article 2: Council Decisions

Once a decision or a rule is suggested. It must go through the Government. First The rule is passed to the Council. It must get a vote of 75% approval to be passed. If it passes, It is passed to the Emperor, He will sign it and it will be official. If he doesn't like it, he may over-rule it but he must have a good reason. The council may over-rule the Emperor if they get a 100% yes vote.

Article 3: Elections and Time of ruling

Every 2 months an election happens for the people to choose their leaders!

Section 3: WAR

ALMEA is sooo peaceful. We have NAPs and MDPs with the most important alliances! We love peace and follow it. WE give our members peace. In war we are organized in divisions of varying strengths

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