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The Aquatic Enlightenment Treaty

Guru Order
Flag of the Guru Order

Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: 18/07/2009
Treaty Terminated: 28/12/2009
Treaty Status: Defunct

'The Aquatic Enlightenment Treaty was a MDoAP between NATO and the Guru Order. It was cancelled by the Guru Order on 28 December 2009.


We, the representatives of the undersigned allied nations of Planet Bob, in order to form a stable organization, ensure peace and security, and extend a sphere of benevolent influence among the other nations of the world, do hereby establish this mutual treaty of military and fiscal aid.

Article I: Mutual Defense[]

Any declaration of war upon a member of either alliance is considered an act of aggression to the undersigned member alliances. Peace will only be offered through mutual consent of the alliances represented by the undersigned; and only accepted under the same terms. Diplomatic channels will remain open in the event that a declaration of war by an outside alliance is an unsanctioned operation.

Article II: Optional Aggression[]

Neither alliance is obliged to partake in assistance in offensive wars, all military or monetary support is strictly to be decided by each sovereign alliance, yet both are encourage to support each other when needed.

Article III: Espionage[]

Neither alliance may directly participate in espionage of any type, regardless of situation and target. If either one of the undersigning alliances conducts espionage on the other signatory, this pact will be revoked immediately following a 24-hour truce. If either alliance bound to this pact conducts espionage on a non-signing alliance, it is grounds for revocation, but such action may or may not be taken by the other signatories leaders.

Article IV: Termination[]

This treaty shall only be terminated if either undersigned alliance chooses to exit this treaty or if Article III is found to be violated by a member alliance. If one of the undersigned chooses to terminate this pact, they must give 72 hours notice before the treaty is officially dissolved in which they remain fully bonded to the provisions contained therein.


Signatures for NATO

  • Mick Jones, High Councilor Potentia
  • Iskander, High Councilor Externus
  • bigbull, High Councilor Augmentum
  • devowin, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed on behalf of Guru Order

  • Guru Order Elders Council:
    • Mentor
    • Rodger Waldie
    • Blade Rocko
    • Smokey78