Aquaholics Anonymous Accords

Global United Nations
Aqua Defense Initiative
Flag of ADI

Treaty Type: MDP
Treaty Signed: March 4, 2010
Treaty Status: Active

The Aquaholics Anonymous Accords is a Mutual Defense Pact between the Global United Nations (GUN) and the Aqua Defense Initiative (ADI). It was announced on March 4, 2010.

The Aquaholics Anonymous AccordsEdit


GUN and ADI have immense aqua love for one another. This love is so strong, they have been advised to go to Aquaholics Anonymous to declare their addiction.

Article I - Article of Non-AggressionEdit

Neither alliance shall engage in hostile actions against the other. Hostile actions are defined as assaults, harassment, declarations of war and acts of espionage. Both alliances also agree to not engage in hostile actions against any alliance that either alliance are obliged to defend, unless they are doing so due to a mandatory outside treaty.

Article II – Article of Intelligence & CommunicationEdit

Both alliances will share any intelligence that is to the benefit of the other alliances well-being.

Article III - Article of Mutual DefenseEdit

Direct DefenseEdit

If either alliance comes under attack while not at war the other will declare war upon the aggressor.

Chaining DefenseEdit

If either alliance comes under attack due to being at war for fulfilling mandatory outside treaty obligation then the other will have the option to chain this treaty. Chaining this treaty is, however, optional and each signatory retains the right to choose whether they shall chain.

Article IV - Article of WithdrawalEdit

120 hours of notice must be given to the other alliance before Article II & III can be dissolved. After this period Article I remains in place for another 30 days.

Article V - SignaturesEdit

The signatures below immediately enter this document as alliance law and materialize the good relations that exists between the alliances that have signed below. Once entered into law, it shall remain there until it is dissolved through the process detailed in Article IV.

Signatories Edit

For the Aqua Defense Initiative

  • Lord Tri, Lord High Sentinel
  • Kaplechistan, Judicator
  • Nathan Grant, Arbiter
  • The Masheen, Arbiter
  • Shadeslayers09, Lord of Foreign Affairs
  • Kingly, Lord of Defense
  • Magister Populi, Lord of Internal Affairs

For the Global United Nations

  • Zenergy, External Trium
  • Semperfidelist, Executive Trium
  • Chocolate Cookies, Internal Trium
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