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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded as of April 19, 2010. (Note: See Also: The Shadow Proclamation)
Aqua Defense Initiative
ADI Official Flag

ADI Official Flag

ADI Royal Seal
ADI Royal Seal
Team Color Aqua team Aqua
Founded September 17, 2009
  • Nathan Grant, Lord High Sentinel
  • John Warbuck, Lord High Sentinel Emeritus
  • Judicator: Kaplechistan
  • Lord of Internal Affairs: Magister Populi/Archon Daverin
  • Lord of Foreign Affairs: Shadeslayers09
  • Lord of Defense: Quaaraaq
  • Lord of Finance: Bobogoobo
Other Officials


  • Archon Daverin
  • Vacant



  • Director of Education and Recruitment: TBA
  • Head of Alliance Security: TBA
  • General Secretary: TBA
  • Foreign Affairs: Vacant
  • Defense: ss23
  • Grants and Aid: sYGnet
  • Trades: Blitzkreig1010
  • Technology: Fandywen, Nathan Grant
International relations
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The Aqua Defense Initiative (ADI) is an alliance located in the Aqua sphere, founded on September 18, 2009.


To create a more perfect alliance, gathering the most active, determined, and dedicated nations from all four corners of Planet Bob under one banner, to rise above the members' own histories and to be seated among the greatest alliances in the history of Planet Bob. The Aqua Defense Initiative will utilize all of its talent to be certain that the Aqua Defense Initiative is greater than the sum of its parts.


Main article: Charter of the Aqua Defense Initiative

The Charter of the Aqua Defense Initiative is the alliance's official constitution and highest legal instrument. The current Charter was ratified and signed by John Warbuck on January 6, 2010. The Charter currently contains four Articles, each split into Sections. The first Charter of ADI was ratified on 18 September 2009, the same day the Aqua Defense Initiative declared its existence, and contained five articles.


Main article: Government of the Aqua Defense Initiative

Lord High Sentinel[]

As defined by the Charter of ADI, the Lord High Sentinel, or LHS, is the ruler of the Initiative, and has the final authority on all governing matters. The Lord High Sentinel has the ability to appoint or remove Lords as he sees fit, and add or remove Ministries for the functionality of the alliance. The Lord High Sentinel answers to three Arbiters, who will be able to check the LHS should they find that a decision of the Lord High Sentinel is not in the best interest of the alliance. If the Lord High Sentinel steps down from the position, he or she may choose his or her successor. The Lord High Sentinel may also be removed by a 3/4 alliance-wide vote. In this case, the Hall of Sentinels will decide the new Lord High Sentinel with a 3/4 vote.


The Aqua Defense Initiative has three Arbiters. Similar to the triumvirate system used in many alliances, they serve as a check to the Lord High Sentinel, and may question any decision made by the Lord High Sentinel with a 2/3 vote and bring it to the Hall of Sentinels for resolution. Of the Arbiters, there is a Judicator, who serves as the senior Arbiter. The Judicator serves as the second in command of the alliance, and will take command during any extended absence of the Lord High Sentinel.

Hall of Sentinels[]

The Hall of Sentinels acts as the advisory board for the Lord High Sentinel, and may elevate whoever they choose to join their ranks with a 3/4 vote. The Lord High Sentinel may veto any appointment. The members of the Hall of Sentinels are referred to as "Sentinels" and are listed in the box to the right.


See also: [[::Category:Treaties of Aqua Defense Initiative|Treaties of the Aqua Defense Initiative]]

The Aqua Defense Initiative currently has seven active treaties with other alliances.

Name Type Cosignatories Date Announced Link
Harmless Friendship Initiative PIAT Mostly Harmless Alliance October 3, 2009 Link
FEAR the Aqua Defense Pact MDoAP Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics December 4, 20091 Link
Purple Wave Treaty ODoAP Invicta December 21, 2009 Link
New Aqua Defense Operations ODP North Atlantic Treaty Organization December 23, 2009 Link
Ruffles Are Better Than Lays Accords PIAT United Commonwealth of Nations January 7, 2010 Link
Aquaholics Anonymous Accords MDP Global United Nations March 4, 2010 Link
Aqua Big Brother Protection Agreement Protectorate tPE, SO, ERA, LSN 3/28, 3/19, 3/6, 1/20 Link


  1. The FEAR the Aqua Defense Pact is the successor to the Elite Ally Initiative Treaty, which was signed on October 10, 2009.


To date, the Aqua Defense Initiative has participated in two major wars. Both wars occurred during the Second Unjust War.

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