War's OutbreakEdit

In the earliest part of the morning of April 1st, 2008, two nations of two separate alliances took it upon themselves to blitzkrieg Eridani Empire, the nation with the most nation strength in an alliance called "The Buccaneers". The nation leading the attack and causing the most damage on the opening day was the Land of 1000 Swords, a nation in the otherwise peaceful alliance of TOOL, which is the Order of Light. The nation accompanying the Land of 1000 Swords was the Radiant Republic, a nation belonging to RnR. The nations are of different teams and alliances and have no known connections to one another. It is not known at this time whether these attacks were done simultaneously out of coincidence or out of deliberate planning. Speculation and common sense have led most to believe the former set of circumstances are what has happened. It is also unclear why this specific nation or alliance was chosen for this attack. Most have it pegged as simply two different nations choosing the same unlucky nation for an April Fools' Day attack.

April Fools' Day has always been known for a spike in random CN wars across the globe as nations use some variation of "April Fool's!" or "Happy April 1st!" as their declaration of war. It is not yet known whether or not this attack was caused by provocationon the part of the Eridani Empire, or simply "for the lulz," as most have put it. The two nations who are attacking have the humble Buccaneers alliance outmatched in terms of NS and technology and it is unclear at this moment how the alliance will respond. As of early morning EST, the Eridani Empire has taken staggering blows and it is unclear whether, or even if, it will attempt a retaliatiory attack. Common sense would have them asking for a quick and painless surrender but the world of CN and the world of common sense rarely overlap. As of early morning EST on April 1st, the Eridani Empire had declined to comment on either its next actions or the actions of its alliance.

Dawn of a New Day Edit

At 7:00 a.m. EST, the Land of 1000 Swords received a message from the Eridani Empire stating that it wished to receive reparations from the Land of 1000 Swords for the attack. It is unclear whether such a message was sent to the Radiant Republic as of 7:11 a.m. EST on April 1st. It is also unclear whether the massacre would continue or not, but what is known is that April Fool's has brought about the Dawn of a New Day for all three nations involved in the conflict.

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