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Established 1/31/2008
Nation Team Red team Red

Early HistoryEdit

Kahikla was created on 2/16/2008 by Applesauce59. Apple created his nation after great pressure from friends from another game - Red Mence (NPO member) and Avenger418 (NPO perma-zi list). On his second day in CN, and after finding the alliance that promised him the most money, he joined the Grand Lodge of Freemasons. Around about this time, Apple got really bored, and attacked two nations. This was the point that Apple learned how bad it was to tech raid and had to resign from GLOF. So Apple was left unaligned on the green team. After talking to Avenger and Red, he decided to apply for the NPO. With a helpful vouch from Red Mence, Apple was accepted into the Order.

In the NPOEdit

Once accepted into the NPO, Applesauce began to take on various roles. Among his first, was his work with the Diplomatic Corp when he became an ambassador. In May, in recognition of his work, he was promoted from ambassador to Diplomatic Counsel. Again, his hard work paid off and he was promoted to Diplomatic Special Envoy in July.

Because of his nations size, Applesauce offered his tech to larger nations of the Order. To do this, he joined the Tech Corp becoming a Procurer. After sending out over 900 units of tech, his work was again recognized and he was promoted to Senior Procurer.

Applesauce did further work for the Praetorian Guard by assisting them in keeping pirates and ghosts off the New Pacific Orders' name.

After the inception of ACE, Applesauce decided to join the Hearts deck. With further commitment that was his style, he was made a Knave of the Hearts in July. He did further work with the Diamonds division by assisting in the Library. Eventually he was promoted to King of Diamonds.

Probably the most for filling thing I have done is my work in Diamonds, to get the History of NPO in order, so that Pacificans can actually read it.

In September 2009 Applesauce moved on from the NPO, not feeling like he was meeting his full potential. After spending a couple of days as an unaligned he joined up with Mushroom Kingdom.

At the end of October 2009 Applesauce found himself at the Gates of Pacifica once more. He now currently is a member of the NPO with all the rights and responsibilities that entails.


Council PacificaEdit

In September, Applesauce received a nomination for Councilor in the Council Pacifica. He accepted, and began campaigning. On September 1, the Order once again recognized the work and effort Applesauce had put in by electing him to the honored position of Council.

NPO War HistoryEdit

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