Apocalypse Meow II

Peace Flag

War Flag
AM Motto: Semper Donec
Team Color Pink team Pink
Founder(s) Nord, Land of Freedom
Founded 11/19/2017

First Lieutenant:

First Sergeant:

Defense Sergeant:

Morale Sergeant:

Supply Sergeant:

AllianceStats Statistics as of March 1st, 2018

Total Nations 10
Strength 337,145
Avg. Strength 33,715
Nukes 177
Aid Efficiency 57/60 (95%)
Rank 70/173
Score 1.99
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Apocalypse Meow (AM) is a fun, exciting and dynamic alliance for established nations. Remember, there is one item of gear that can be the difference between a live cat and a dead cat. Socks, cushion, sole, O.D. green.

The Ranks and Rights of AMEdit


First Amendment: Freedom to Perch

An interested nation shall change their Alliance Affiliation to Apocalypse Meow and then register on Discord for the Official AM Interrogation © with a government member. If one is rejected, they are entitled to a full explanation.

Second Amendment: Security

All Cats have the right to bear nuclear arms.

Third Amendment: No Soldier Quartered


Fourth Amendment: Search and Destroy

Members have a right to raid (attack other nations under certain restrictions) and must always paste up their requested target on The Official AM Discord Server © and await approval from a govt member before taking action. Anyone given a Raiding Card may raid at will. A Raiding Card is presented by the First Lieutenant or First Sergeant to members who fully demonstrate that they know who and how to raid.

Fifth Amendment: Double Jeopardy

In the event a Declaration of War is made, every Cat must work together and fight. If a Cat leaves the AA under any circumstance during a time of war, that Cat will be stripped of any rank earned and considered AWOL. The Cats of Apocalypse Meow are never to surrender as a POW.

On the hunt

Sixth Amendment: Right to a Speedy Alliance

Members have are charged with the right to make an account on The Official AM Discord Server © and be active in the community. Above all, the member absolutely must respond to in game messages within a reasonable amount of time. New nations are expected to sell tech in a timely manner and conduct business with great effort to be on time. Members are to follow all First Lieutenant and First Sergeant issued or delegated economic plans.

Foreign AffairsEdit


Apocalypse Meow always welcomes diplomatic relations with all alliances on Bob, whether it be business or pleasure.


Apocalypse Meow will be the first to help their allies. No matter the odds no matter their size, they all bleed the same.

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