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Apatity (Finn./Kare. Apatiitti) is a Uralican city, located in southern Sapmi. It is 23 kilometres west of Hiipinä, a popular ski resort, and is located on Highway UH-28, a branch-off of Highway UH-7, giving it unfettered access to trade routes crisscrossing Uralica.

The name gives a hint as to the city's most important purpose - the mining and processing of apatites, which are in incredible abundance in the general area, and are used to make phosphate fertilisers.

The city once had a maximum population over eighty thousand, however economy and war have taken its toll on this. It was at its lowest during the inter-war period between Great Wars II and III, but after GW3 the population jumped from the number of refugees from the major cities in the north of what was then Murmansk Oblast. Nowadays, the population is back to pre-Cataclysm levels.

Besides phosphate production and mining, Apatity has small machinery, food, and appliance production sectors, a strong retail sector, and a modest finance sector.


Apatity has always been a largely Russian city with a number of Finns and Karelians also living in the area, however nowadays the number of Finns and Karelians are proportionally far larger than they were. There are also a small number of Estonians.

Not suprisingly, given its main resource, there are museums dedicated to mineralogy and geology in the city. The former is the only one of its type in the western half of Uralica and only one of two in the whole country (the other is in Punaturjin), and it is very popular amongst grade-schoolers who want to know about rocks. Sometimes, people will fly into Apatity to see the displays and learn things about rocks.


Football (soccer)[]


  • Apatiittin Palloseura (APS)
  • Apatitsky FK
  • Severomineralnik Apatity

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Dynamo Apatiitti
  • Spartak Apatity
  • Apatit Apatity
  • Gornyak Apatity
  • Promyshlennik Apatity
  • Mashinist Apatity
  • Energiya Apatity
  • Sapmi Apatity
  • Apatitsky Sportklub
  • Sinisalo FK Apatiitti
  • Sever Apatity
  • Zenit Apatity
  • Transit Apatity

Ice Hockey[]

  • Apatity MHK


  • Apatiitti JPK


  • Srednapatitsky Stadion - a normal skating rink surrounded by a long-track speed-skating oval.

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Belorechenskyy
  • Molorodyozhnyy
  • Kalatuotanro
  • Tik-Guba
  • Zalesye
  • Povir
  • Yekostrovo
  • Khibiny