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This Anubis is NOT connected to Anubis from Nevermore

President of the Soviet Union
In office
December 8, 2009 – Incumbrent
Preceded by CavalierCuddles

Assumed office
October 8, 2009

Born October 31, 826 (age 1197)
Political party Skull Party
Spouse none
Religion Non Religious


Anubis is one of the founders of the Soviet Union. He is also the Past USSR President, also the first member of the Skull Party to take office. He is known for being a mysterious character on Planet Bob. Very little is known about his past.


Nothing is known of his early history. Anubis came onto the scene in late 2008 by allying himself with Velken and slowing gaining political power and influence. During the time of the Karma War he and Velken came together to form the Soviet Union. Their movement towards Communisim lead to an uprising in their respective nations but after the revolution was done the new Socialist state was formed. As the newly formed USSR began to grown Anubis vanished off the public scene and stayed in the background for many months. He reemerged later on to formed a more socialised based Political Party known as the Skull Party, this strange movement stunned many and the name proved to be controversial later on when then member Magnus Troy tried to changed the name after Anubis left him in temporary command of the party while he was away. This stir up lead to some inner conflict in the USSR, the conflict later caused Troy (and others) to depart the alliance. Anubis once again left the scene not to be seen again until the beginning fo the Soviet Depression of Late 2009. As the USSR begin to sink into a depression because of several issues, Anubis came back and staged a coup to over thrown then President CavalierCuddles. He then claimed himself as the new leader of the alliance, The Supreme Soviet as he called himself. He began what he called reforms to gete the Soviet Union back onto it's feet and out of it's current depression state. The reforms targeted mostly domestic issues but also a review of all the foreign affairs that Cuddles had taken on during his reign.


Anubis has been discribed by those close to him as a very direct, straight forward person. He is also said to be very confident, strong and sometimes frightening due to his bad temper. His persona is discribed as dark and malevolent at times.


Anubis on the throne in the Kremlin