Cyber Nations Wiki

Antonia started out as an eager little nation, whos main interest was allout WAR with everything. After alot of Violence and war rageing in the nation, Sir DarthUnah joined in on the crossfire alliance to stop further attacks on the nation.

Crossfire then merged with some other alliance and DarthUnah felt that they had lost their integrity, so he pulled Antonia out of the alliance.

After a few months Hodgemon Rob came by with an idea to start a grand alliance, this was know as the Mars Alliance.

DarthUnah started out as the polemarch at Mars, but later resigned to mend foreign relations by opening up the spot.

Mars got flipped by Hodgemon Rob who showed to have motives of war, and the survivors of the Mars Crash started an alliance named Fried Chicken, where DarthUnah held the role as Minister of Rec, Many Rec letters was written and sent out all over the planet.

Fried Chicken merged with Nebula-X.

Grand leader of the nation, Lord DarthUnah fell sick and the nation fell under the 25day rules of the planet BUT this did not stop DarthUnah from once again shouldering the responsibilities of Antonia.

Antonian space was reclaimed in 11/17/2013 and DarthUnah flagged the land under the NorthKorean flag and joined the United Republic Of Nations.

After 24days in the esteemed alliance of Unied Republic Of Nations, DarthUnah was given the possition of Deputy Chairman of URON and gladly accepted.