Antoquia Independence Party
Truly Independent Antioquia Party
FoundedJuly 5, 2012
IdeologyAnti-Globalization, Autonomy
Fiscal positionCentre
Social positionCentre-Right
Secretary GeneralPablo Elieser
HeadquartersCampamento, Antioquia
Official colors      Black
Seats in the
- Congress of the Republic (both cameras)
- Upper Camera
- Lower Camera

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The Antioquia Independence Party, unoficially known as Truly Independent Antioquia Party is a Political Party that advocates for the withdrawal of Antioquia from the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact better known as STOP. Altrought the Party main objective is the withdrawal of Antioquia from the STOP, the party has a full and complete manifiesto, that puts the Party in a central position with inclinations to the right.

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