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Ante Bellum
Tournament Edition alliance
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AB Motto: The War has just begun.
Active in Round(s): 5
Team Color Multi-Colored
Founder(s) Drake
Founded 4/27/09


  • Drake

CEO's Cabinet

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Ante Bellum is a CN:TE alliance located on many color spheres. They are currently taking sides with the Roman Empire, but nothing is official as of yet.



Ante Bellum, as translated in Latin,"Before the war" is an alliance founded upon allowing any team color nation to join our alliance. To join, users must fill out an application in the "Membership Applications" forum of

They have the option of an Academy enrolment, but this is not a requirment.

The CEO is the leader of Ante Bellum. He is in charge of organizing the alliance and signing and organizing treaties and war declarations. The CEO is not elected, just passed down.

The Cabinet is the advisors to the CEO and the rest of the alliance. They are responsible for advising and warning the alliance. They are also in charge of mass-message services. The Cabinet is appointed by the CEO. They are also in charge of interpreting the charter and solving arguments. The members of the Cabinet can only be removed with the approval of the CEO.

The Senate decides what should change in the alliance and is charge of alliance internal affairs. They have the authority to revoke treaties and declarations of war. The Senate is appointed by either the CEO or any Cabinet Member. The Senate also is in charge of managing the Alliance's war strategy. The Senate will elect two Consuls every two months to help advise the military during wartimes only. A senate member can be removed with the approval of the CEO or a unanimous vote of the Members of AB.

The Memers of Ante Bellum are obliged to follow the Senate,Cabinet and CEO. They have the power to express their opinions to any change.

As it is CN:TE, Tech Raids are permitted any time . However, it is forbidden to Tech Raid any alliances we have treaties with or are trying to build relationships with. A list is included below: -Roman Empire -UINE -Soldier -FRANCE -Fark We do not claim responisbility for any attacks brought upon by tech raids, and wars or attacks cannot be held against us.

If you claim that the alliance is responible for the tech raid, you will be evicted from the alliance for life.

Amendments from the charter can be made by the Cabinet or the CEO with the approval of the Senate and the people, and it can be made by the Senate by the approval of the people and the CEO.