Admiral Anna Unnalova of Sakhalin
Office Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sakhalin
Predecessor N/A (First Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sakhalin)
Successor By Retirement
Date of Birth May 22nd, 1972
Place of Birth Rostov, USSR
Political Party Communist Party


Born in Rostov she joined the Soviet Navy at age 18 and exceled as a AA Gunner. Her cool head and percice shot earned her rapid promotions. In May of 2006 she met Korey. At first she dismissed the idea of an American helping to liberate Sakhalin, however when she saw his leadership in the death of the Leader of the liberation she changed her mind.


During the Revolution she was made Admiral of the fleet and landind ships that landed in Sakhalin. Because of the small force she led only 3 1960's Era Light Crusiers and 4 WWII class Destroyer-Transports. Her ship the Primosk was targeted by Facsist Forces during the landing but under her command she suffered no damage while shooting down 3 aircraft.

Minister of Foreign Affairs

She deals with all international affairs and acts as Second Leader of Sakhalin. When Korey is away she takes on his duties while he is away. She is the one responsible for applying to the NPO during Korey's trip to Lakfakalle.

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