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Capital City Kyotamberra
Official Language(s) English
Established 8/8/2009
Government Type Democracy Democracy
Ruler Hidaki
Alliance Green Protection Agency
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Team: Green Green
Statistics as of 14 Aug 2009
Currency Yen Yen
Native Resources Fish and Wheat

Nation Information[]

Anihonalasia is a growing nation with citizens primarily of Celtic ethnicity. It was established on 8 August 2009 by Hidaki Kageyama with the aim of establishing a peaceful and productive environment for meditative contemplation of bread, beer and sushi.

About Anihonalasia[]

Anihonalasia is the island nation of the rising moon, the birthplace of the moon. It is a tolerant society that rewards hard work and kindness with social recognition. The people of Anihonalasia are warm and friendly and eager to assit those in need.