The People's Republic of Anglesey
Anglesey flag
Capital City Holyhead / Caergybi
Alliance ICP
  • President
  • Ruling Party
Harry Pollitt
Communist Party of Anglesey
Official Languages Welsh, English
National Motto Môn Mam Cymru (lit.: "Anglesey the Mother of Wales")
National Anthem The Internationale
Currency 1 Punt (£) = 100 Ceiniog
Natural Resources Cattle, Gold
Improvements Guerrilla Camp: 1
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The People's Republic of Anglesey is a country located at (53.306877732672206, -4.631767272949219).

Traditionally known as Môn Mam Cymru because of its fertile lands which produced crops bounteous enough to feed the whole of Wales, Anglesey is a federative socialist island state.

Pre-Revolutionary Edit

The pre-revolutionary history of Anglesey can be found here here.

The Revolution Edit

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The People's Republic Edit

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Scenery Edit

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