Andruvian is a Totalitarian Regime (don't worry, the people love it) run by Pants the Terrible. Pants is the title of rule, her name is actually Arabella, and Terrible is because...well I don't feel like typing all that out. It just sounds impressive.

Andruvian is located in North-Eastern France near Reims. Therefore, the citizens of Andruvian are of French decent. Citizens of Andruvian are called Andruvians and the adjective is also Andruvian (as in 'that's an Andruvian export').

Speaking of exports our two natural resources are iron and oil. We also grow magical fruit called Andruves (from which our nation got its name)which are sparkly delicoius and nutritious. Sadly they are not an official part of the game but if you really want some, just PM me.

The national religion of Andruvian is Judaism, according to the will of the people.

Andruvian is a proud member of Team Blue and of Ravenclaw Alliance. In fact, Pants Arabella is a co-founder of this wonderful group of nations.

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