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His Highness
Andrew Antin
King of the Deltoran Republic

1st King of the Deltoran Republic
In office
June 4th, 2011 – Incumbent
Served with Jessica Antin
Vice President(s)   Nathon Carrelson
Regent David Cabneton
President Tyler Jacobs
Preceded by position created
Succeeded by Incumbent

Commander-in-Chief of the Deltoran Air Force
In office
Position Created – Present
President Laura Nifestri
Preceded by position created
Succeeded by Mike Oak

Member of the Deltoran Joint Chiefs of Staff
In office
Position Created – June 5th, 2011
Served with CINC-NMF Nava Ladmril
S.o.D.Gregor Hammelson
CINC-MFDN Fred Decase
CINC-SAC Tyler Jacobs
CINC-AF Lewis Hill

Born 18 October 1970
Kansas City,DR
Nationality American
Constituency Deltoran
Political party Worker's Advancement Party of Deltora
Royal House 223 Military Drive, Ociania, District of Delor, DR
Spouse Jessica Antin
Children Tyler Antin
Residence Ociania, DR
Alma mater University of Missouri-Columbia
Profession Soldier
Religion Roman Catholic

Deltoran Republic

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Andrew Antin is the first Commander in Chief of the air forces of the Deltoran Republic. Like his general, Gregor Hammelson, he belives that total war is the way to win a war. He was appointed by President Roger Johnson in the second month of the former President's term. He serves as commander of all airborn operations, including the Strategic Air Command and the Airlift Command. He serves on the Joint chiefs of staff, and is 7th on the Deltoran line of Presidental succession.

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