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Anchor Security Inc.
TypePublic (BSE: ASI)
Founder(s)Federation of Industry
HeadquartersProvidence, BL, J Andres
Area servedJ Andres
IndustrySecurity, Private military company

Anchor Security Inc. was created as a security firm to serve as a military arm of the Federation of Industry. Anchor Security saw combat in the Corporate Insurgency, where the Federation of Industry completed a hostile takeover of Kangaroo Island to mine silver. During the occupation of the island, the silver mined was the primary source of income for the Federation. Following the Federation's disbandment, Anchor Security turned to private security to stay in business.


The armband worn by Anchor Security while working as the Kommissazul.

In 2017, Richard Mercton, purchased Anchor Security Incorporated. He then turned the security firm into a paramilitary group sponsored by his office, renamed as the Kommissazul. Roger Ahmadinejad served as its director for a short period of time until the fall of the Second Maritime Republic. After Mercton's death, the company went public.

In 2058, Anchor Security purchased Ares Security, another private security firm previously owned by Annan Enterprises. Ares Security was spun off in 2080 due to poor performance. After the Grand Mexican War, Anchor Security specialized in providing security services to those wandering the wasteland and mercenary services.

512 SarahBaker3

ASI Principal Advisor Sarah Baker in 2041

In 2041, recognizing that the mercenary and security service industry that had boomed in the post-war environment was changing and shrinking, ASI pivoted to providing services to other nations as they looked to expand. Sarah Baker, former president and popular military commander and Chancellor from both Ottanian Conflicts was hired as a consultant[1], and ASI began providing services to Alleghenia.


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