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Anarien first signed up for Cybernations on December 25, 2007. It didn't take long for the ruler to quickly gain his wings as a diplomat in the New Pacific Order. Anarien started his diplomatic career as the Imperial Ambassador to Sparta, proved his value and was promoted to Diplomatic Consul of the Aqua and Pink Spheres. After again succeeding in the realm of diplomacy, Anarien was promoted to Special Envoy of Aqua and Pink and then Aqua and Purple Spheres. At this time the Military in the New Pacific Order took notice of the fast rising ruler and added him to the Military Command staff as a Noncommissioned Officer of Gamma Battalion. Anarien took a short leave of absence due to a thing known as "real life" and resigned from his positions as NCO and Special Envoy. After his return he was given the position of Chief Analyst in the Imperial Diplomatic Corps.

Eventually, however, his time at the New Pacific Order came to an end when Anarien resigned from the Order. Within a day he had chosen Ragnarok as his new home. Anarien had spent considerable time working with Ragnarok as a high level diplomat from the NPO and knew he was making the right choice. A few weeks after joining Ragnarok, Anarien was appointed as the Lord of Information by Emperor Van Hoo III.

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