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Amkar Perm'
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Type Club
City Perm', Uralica
Nickname(s) Krasnochornye (The Red And Black)
Founded 1993
Ground Amkar Stadion
Capacity: 20,000
League Bolakliiga
Rank 6th, Bolakliiga 2009
Manager Vyacheslav Mikhailov

Amkar Perm' is a Uralican football (soccer) club that plays in the Bolakliiga. It had a fairly strong season in its debut season (the 2009 season) where it finished sixth, but only five points shy of third-place Dinamo Kirov. They play out of Amkar Stadion, which is among the newest Uralican stadiums, as the club's original home, Zvezda Stadion, was destroyed during Great War III.

They are notorious for the fact that, while they lack the star power of some teams, they make up for it with a solid team game, and have good work ethic.


The club was founded in 1993 and turned fully pro in 1995, and had reasonable success in the old Russian system, even winning the Pervy Divizion (second-level) title in 2003.

Cataclysm did massive damage to the area and killed about three quarters of their main team, so they had to start from scratch in 2006. However, the immediate post-Russian era was good to them, as they won the regional title.

2007, however, would be a year to forget, as the team would completely cease operations after Zvezda Stadion was completely annihilated during Great War III, which happened only a month before the season was to start.

The future of Amkar was in doubt until mid-2008, when Jarkko Salomäki ordered a complete rejuvenation of the city of Perm', which brought with it a brand-new, larger stadium erected in the location of the old Zvezda Stadion. Although it was not finished in time to compete in the inaugural Bolakliiga season, it did play a couple friendlies during the season, with positive results. It even had SiPS in a 2-2 tie at halftime before giving up three in the second half.

It made its Bolakliiga debut to much fanfare in March 2009.

Current Roster[]


  • 1 Arkady Feofanov (vice-©)
  • 22 Oleg Guznishchev
  • 30 Vladimir Chistiyakov


  • 2 CB Matvey Gonchar
  • 3 CB Sergey Parfenov (©)
  • 4 RB Hryhir Kovalenko (note: sometimes listed as Gregor Kovalenko)
  • 5 LB Ville Pitkänen
  • 14 LB Samuil Nazarov
  • 16 RB Boris Stankin
  • 18 CB Lasse Ojanen


  • 6 CM Sergey Petrov
  • 7 LM Gennadiy Suvanov
  • 8 AM Fadey Vinogrodov
  • 12 RM Kirill Medvedev
  • 15 AM/LM Nikita Dorogoy
  • 17 RM Samppa Virtanen


  • 9 Filip Bezukhov
  • 10 Marko Hukari
  • 11 Vsevolod Cherepanov
  • 19 Dmitri Pushkaryov
  • 20 Hans Kristoffersen