Rich in LegacyEdit

The Ancient RiseEdit


The nation now known as Amazonian Beasts was not always an independent faction. Long before the rise of modern civilization, as the world still lay cracked by struggle, a civilization lay above many of the rest. It was unknown how this civilization came to be in the world, but its name was clear: The Empire of Four. It is unknown what this Four represented, but the annals of history only exist up to the point of the Empire reaching it's Pinnacle, a vast Imperial network of cities, military outposts, and citadels strecthing across a vast tract of land. However, the Imperial regime was cruel and heartless, and internal resentment grew up. An underground resistance movement, stylizing themselves the "Amazonains", began making plans to unite the collective resistances together in a strong force.

Rise of the RebellionEdit

With the underground elements in place, the Amazonians moved into a phase of open war. Using the untimely death of the governor of the military city of Jacksonville as an excuse to move, the Amazonians seized the city with a huge revolt, annihilating every last regime supporter who stood in the way. As the Empire stood in shock to the events that passed, the Amazonians took the opportunity to strike out, launching quick hits on nearby cities and taking and holding territory from lightly-defended Imperial positions. As Imperial legions streamed down from the fortified zones to move in to attack, Amazonians dug into positions to withstand the coming tide.

The Defense HoldsEdit

Bunkering down in the outpost cities of Cala Muun and Telkador, the Amazonians were soon attacked by the fierce Imperial troops racing towards the rebellion to quell it at its source.

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