Amalgamatism is an ideology founded by buzzboygt on October 17, 2008. The idea is founded on the princibles of personal freedom. The idea was a cornerstone in the Irish Republican Army, the alliance founded by buzzboygt in April 2008.

A Brief Understanding of AmalgamatismEdit

An introduction written by buzzboygt.

The PrioritiesEdit

As described in Amalgamatism: The Freedom Message Uncensored, the central idea of Amalgamatism is the Priorities. The nation leader must follow The Priorities in order to grow and prosper.


The first priority is taking care of the needs of one self. If a nation can not keep up for itself than it does not have the right to exist. New nations should participate in Tech Dealing and other way to earn capital. A nation needs to take care of itself before others.

Brothers and SistersEdit

The second priority is mentoring. The older nation should teach and mentor young nations. They should help them learn and grow by mean that they feel are fit. There is no excuse to not having a mentor if your nation is developed to a point where it could sustain a disciple.


The third priority is to keep ones alliance in line. The Amalgamatist wants the alliance to grow and prosper by operating under the charter that they signed. The Amalgamatist's responsibility is keeping the leadership in check.

The Alliance LeadershipEdit

The FigureheadEdit

The alliance leaders responsibility is to keep everyone informed of current events. If the alliance leader cannot do this, then he or she should be replaced by someone who can.

Minister of Foreign AffairsEdit

The MoFA's responsibility is to prevent war. Many aggressive alliance use preemptive war as an excuses, but under Amalgamatism there are no preemptive strikes. The MoFA should create, maintain, and publish treaties of friendship and trade agreements. Any treaty higher than these should be voted upon by the general population for consent.

Minister of Internal AffairsEdit

The MoIA responsibility is exactly the same as the Figurehead, make sure people come and vote. If they do not, they need to be replaced. (They also should maintain any wiki pages, forums, or other alliance site)

Minister of DefenseEdit

The MoD responsible for making sure everyone has there nation defense ready. This is done by publishing literature for the mentors to read.

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