Hold your grip on your dreams and never let them go
Capital City Andersilla
Official Language(s) Italian
Established 10/23/1991
Government Type 25px Dictatorship of the Phantom Party
Alliance Norden Verein
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Maroon team Maroon
Religion Judaism Judaism
Currency Currency Dollar Dollar

The Nation of Altackia Edit

Altackia is a nation that has seen much action in terms of political movements and military actions. During the Middle Ages Altackia had been ruled by the monarchy of the Agostino royal family. Eventually after numerous wars the economy slowly died out and jobs became scarce. The final blow came after a surprise attack was launched against Altackia by its rival nation of Chiodola with out warning killing millions on the northern part of the country.The monarchy did not do anyhting to help its citizens in the northern part letting Chiodola take that part. An outraged nation blamed the monarchy for letting such an event happen and uprisings began to occur as well as a resistance movement arouse. The monarchy at first used the Altackian army, but eventually many officers and soldiers abandoned their posts and either deserted Altackia or joined the rising movement against the monarchy.

The Altackian Civil War A new army began to form full of former members of the Army and citizens alike. Weapons were gathered from overran bases and a new movement known as the Phantom party. A nationalist party that called the monarchy and the nation of Chiodola as the new enemies. Civil war finally broke out with great losses on both side and many deserting to the Phantom side of the war the only military resources the Agostino monacrhy had left was a small army of about 50,000 men with a small number of tankettes and artillery. A large Phantom attack force eventually overran the palace much with help of the citizens in the city below running through the corridors,the towers, the dungeons every part was a battle. The king himself was in the high tower a symbol itself over the nation as the eye that watched them. A captured artillery gun in the streets below was aimed up and fired right at the tower cutting it down like a tree falling down into the valley below.Phantom fighters ran to the highest tower left on the palace and placed the new flag a top of it. The civil war was finally over.

Phantom Altackia With the war over reconstruction began a year after. Many monarchist loyalists left the country or eventually accepted the new regime. Chiodola itself had been over taken in a revolution by Altackians living in the land taken by Chiodola many years ago during the monarchy.This part would be absorbed into Altackia.

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