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The New Frat on the Block: ΛΑΩ Treaty

Flag of Sparta
Alpha Omega

Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: 31/10/2008
Treaty Status: Active

Sparta - Alpha Omega Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact
Much beer-pong is to be played


In recognition of our shared taste for letters of the Greek alphabet and to further the bonds of fraternity and comradery (And to act as an excuse to buy the abandoned frat house on the corner of Main and College), Sparta and Alpha Omega hereby enter into this Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact and agree to follow all of the terms of this treaty which is written entirely in Greek so that neither of us will understand it.


Due to their mutual appreciation of Sorority Girls, both signatories agree to maintain a respectful relationship. Should any conflicts arise between the two signatories, they shall strive to solve them diplomatically and in private, usually involving mud wrestling.


The signatories of this treaty agree not to initiate hostile military actions against the other signatory. Hostile military actions include spying, acts of war, and crashing frat parties. In addition, the signatories shall not aid a known enemy of the other signatory either economically or through military action, nor shall they visit any party that will tarnish their reputation.


In the event that a 3rd party initiates hostile actions against a signatory, both signatories agree to assist in the defense of each other using any means deemed necessary, including stink bombs, whip cream balloons, and public humiliation.


In the event that a signatory initiates hostile action against a 3rd party, the other signatory may choose to also initiate hostile actions against said 3rd party (unless they are having a party that night, then it can wait until morning). However, this assistance is not required by this treaty, and the decision whether or not to assist shall in no way effect this treaty.


In the event that a signatory gains access to information that is of obvious interest to the other signatory (such as the cheapest place to buy beer), that information shall be promptly shared between both parties.


If one signatory wishes to cancel this treaty, they shall give the other signatory no less than 72 hours notice of their intention to do so. They shall then be subject to loss of their frat house rooms, and must move back into the dorms.

Signed for Sparta[]

  • Tulak Hord, King and Keg Master
  • Darklink, King and Lambda President
  • Supreme Lord, Ephor of Foreign Affairs and Resident Drunk
  • George the Great, Deputy Ephor of Foreign Affairs and Sorority Liaison

Signed for Alpha Omega[]

  • Mad Mike, Triumvir and Alpha President
  • Sigmund Freud, Triumvir and Omega President
  • Galvan Mandorik, Triumvir and Distillery Operator
  • Alpha Omega Government, Resident Condom Experts; Acquisitions and Disposal
  • Alpha Omega Members, Adept Condom Users