Ruler almoshowers
Capital City Strummerville
Alliance Viridian Entente
Former Alliances GIOC (Mar 2006 - Jul 2006)

Viridian Entente (Nov 2006 - May 2007)

New Pacific Order (Jul 2007 - Jan 2008)

Viridian Entente (Jan 2008–Present)

Founded 03/17/2006
National Tax Rate 28%
Resources Lumber, Water
Currency Yen
Official language Japanese

Almocia is a large, monarchic nation with primarily Celtic population. It is one of the oldest nations in Cyber Nations.

Early Days Edit

Almocia was founded by Almo in mid-March 2006. He decided to settle in Antarctica due to its relatively low population. Almo declared the capital city to be Strummerville, named after Joe Strummer, one of his heroes.

Almocia started off with slow growth. However, the nation quickly joined the newly founded Game Informer Online Coalition. This gave Almocia a launching pad for growth. Almocia quickly went from a third-world country with frightening living conditions to a nation that enjoyed great strides in the technology field.

Present Edit

Citizen Life Edit

Thanks to rapidly advancing technology, Almocia's citizens enjoy a clean environment as well as comfortable living. Because of its large land area, population per square mile is low. The citizens enjoy this, as traffic is non-existent.

Lumber and water are Almocia's main resources. These are used to their fullest extent through the way of quality buildings and overall good health for the population.

Government Edit

During the infancy of Almocia, the people were under a dictatorship. Despite this, freedom of speech was still allowed. The government went through many changes before finally settling on a monarchy.

Religion Edit

Almocia's official religion is currently Norse.

Alliance Edit

Almocia began it's history as a part of the Game Informer Online Coalition. The GIOC folded after a few months. Almocia remained independent for a time while its leader attempted to begin alliances of his own.

After a period of dormancy, Almocia joined the ranks of the Viridian Entente. Almocia went independent again after the VE folded.

During the second duration of independence, Almocia was attacked by a tech raiding nation. The nation did not back down, and fired nuclear weaponry at the enemy. While Almocia suffered for a time, its citizens and government persevered. The attacking nation is no longer with Cyber Nations.

To prevent further tech raids, Almocia accepted an invitation to join the New Polar Order. Almocia remained with the alliance until January 2008 to re-join a recently revived Viridian Entente.

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