The Allston Coalition is a old and powerful nation of more than 25,000 citizens. We maintain a strong Defense and Air Corps(AC/DC and AC/AC) as the somber sentinels of our people, though we discourage warmaking on the whole.

A Very Brief History Edit

The Allston Coalition was founded in the Orange Trading Sphere in the chaotic time following the Citrus War. As a fledgling state the Doomking, our ruler since time out of mind, we aligned ourselves with the newly forged Orange Protection Alliance. The Doomking quickly established himself as a leader of the Alliance and controlled the Economic Department and helped the Alliance coalece into a small but powerful community. Time passed and the Cyberverse marched deeper into what would become the hottest summer on record. With the outbreak of the Great War the Orange Protection Alliance, maintaining its record of neutrality, refused to enter the conflict despite the nuclear conflaguration that had engulfed the horizon in every direction. It was at this time that the people of the Allston Coalition, now grown strong with the support of the economic strategies of the OPA, saw that they could not stand idly by and allow the nations to burn under the missiles of the NPpO.

With great solemness but no regret we cut our ties with the OPA and entered the Great War on the side of the CoaLUEtion, though as an independant nation. After many devastatingly successful attacks against the NPO, NPO-allied state of Davenport invaded the AC. Our army fought bravely but with so many troops abroad already, we could not hold our borders. Though the enemy troops had spread over a significant portion of the AC we continued to resist, exterminating much of the Davenport Army. That vile nation, in order to end the war quickly decided to join the ranks of history's war criminals. Our beautiful capital of Allston saw its structures skeletalized and citizens transformed into ash as the nuclear fire spread. On that day our Doomking was delivering a speech to the largest remaining contingent of the AC/DC and our nation lost them all. It is the greatest tragedy we have ever suffered. But like a phoenix from that irradiated inferno the Doomking's son, the Doomkid, returned from battle against the NPO to reform and restore the AC. He came to the ruins of Allston and upon those shattered remains he built the greatest gravemarker the world has ever known, he built a city to dazzle the world. The name for the new city would be New Röbuzon. The Doomkid also realized that in order to assure the security of his people and their future he needed to add his strength to one of the many Alliances of the Cyberverse.

It was then that we joined the North Atlantic Defense Coalition.

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