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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded as of March 2009. (Note: See also - NATO-ARN War)
Allied Rebel Nations
ARN Official Flag

ARN Official Flag
ARN Motto: Sometimes its Hell getting to Heaven
Team Color Multi-Colored team Multi-Colored
Founder(s) KingemO93
Founded January 27, 2009
  • Premier - KingemO93
  • Vice Premier - Lord Sir23
Other Officials
  • Deputy Bishop - Lord Valor
  • Defense Bishop - GCSCannon
  • Finance Bishop - Prince Syaoran
  • Councilmen - lords of death
  • Councilmen - DirectorSmall
  • Councilmen - Sibley The Greatest
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I (KingemO93) created Allied Rebel Nations (ARN) to restore Honor, Peace, and Equality back to the world of CN.


"Sometimes its Hell getting to Heaven"

~Allied Rebel Alliance Government~[]


  • I. Is the leader of Allied Rebel Nation (ARN).
  • II. Appoints the Vice Premier and the Councilmen.
  • III. Cannot be removed from power by any member of ARN.

Vice Premier[]

  • I. Is the leader when the Premier is away.
  • II. Appoints the Deputy Bishop.
  • III. Can only be removed by the Premier.

Deputy Bishop[]

  • I. Is the leader of the Bishops.
  • II. Appoints all of the Bishops.
  • III. Can only be removed from power by the Vice Premier.

Defense Bishop[]

  • I. Leads our troops to war.
  • II. Places the members into their right platoon.
  • III. Decides what alliance to attack/not attack.
  • IV. Can only be removed from power by the Deputy Bishop.

Finance Bishop[]

  • I. Sets up the Foreign/Interior Aids.
  • II. Helps set up the Inner/Outer alliance Trade Circles.
  • III. Helps members get Tech Deals.
  • IV. Can only be removed from power by the Deputy Bishop.

Recruit Bishop[]

  • I. Makes Recruit Messages.
  • II. Is responsible for making sure no ZI'd or rough nations join the alliance.
  • III. Can only be removed from power by the Deputy Bishop.

Education Bishop[]

  • I. Is responsible for the Teaching of the new members.
  • II. Will help Foreign Alliances with teaching and learning about CN.
  • III. The Education Bishop can only be removed from power by the Deputy Bishop.

Diplomacy Bishop[]

  • I. Can make and break Treaties.
  • II. Responsible for making Foreign Embassies.
  • III. Can only be removed from power by the Deputy Bishop.


  • I. Appointed by the Premier.
  • II. Responsible for voting on bills and other legislation.
  • III. Can only be removed by the Premier.

~Foreign Affairs~[]

  • I. All Foreign Affairs will be dealt with by the Member that opened Affairs with the consulting Nation/Alliance.
  • II. If a member Offends or Disrespects a Foreign Nation/Alliance they will be asked to make a public apology or be ZI'd and marked as a Rough Nation.
  • III. All Foreign Affairs and Foreign Embassies will be handled by the Diplomacy Bishop


  • I. We will aid friend alliances that are in war.
  • II. We will send troops and money to members and alliances that are in wars they didn't start
  • III. All war aids don't have to be repaid unless that was in the aid request and offer.


  • I. We are an Offensive Alliance.
  • II. We side with war but it is the last step we take.
  • III. If threatened we WILL NOT wait to be attacked!

Tech Raiding[]

  • I. You can only Tech Raid if given a Tech Raid license.
  • II. You can only Tech Raid unaligned and unprotected nations
  • III. Tech Raid sanctions can be put against certain Nations and Alliances.

~Legislation Passing~[]

  • I. Any legislation that has been submitted by a member must first be viewed and passed by the Premier and the Diplomacy Bishop.
  • II. If it makes it pass the Diplomacy Bishop and the Vice Premier then it goes to the Councilmen.
  • III. It will then be voted on by the Councilmen and it takes a 4/5 vote to pass it.
  • IV. If it doesn't make it pass the Premier, Diplomacy Bishop, and Councilmen it can be resubmitted one more time if 10 members accept it.

~Political Parties~[]

  • I. All political parties will be able to change our War Preference, the way we Run the Alliance, and our policy on Tech Raiding.
  • II. Independent
  • III. Democrat
  • IV. Republican

~Joining The Alliance~[]

  • I. You cannot be on any other alliance member list.
  • II. You must follow up on all the promises in your application.
  • III. You cannot be searching for shelter from attacking from another alliance.
  • IV. You don't have to be on Aqua but its preferred.
  • V. Your Alliance Affiliation must be set to "Allied Rebel Nations"


  • I. Any alliance member has the right to submit legislation.
  • II. All alliance member have the right to bear NUKEs.