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This alliance has changed its name.

It is now known as NOVA.
The change took place as of August 15, 2008.
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Allied Forces of Sovereignty

AFS Official Flag
AFS Motto: Nunquam Ingredior Unus- Never Walk Alone
Team Color Multicolored team Multi-Colored
Founder(s) HM4A1
Founded 29th of December 2007
  • HM4A1, Overlord
  • Nathanael, Co-Overlord
Multi-Colored Senate None
International relations
  • PIAT with GLOP
  • Member of the OND Bloc
  • Protector of TSC

AllianceStats Statistics as of June 21, 08

Total Nations 76
Strength 695,466
Avg. Strength 9,151
Nukes 27
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Basic Info Edit

AFS is a laid back, fun alliance in which not only does it offer the best for less active people but just as much and much more for those who are active, the forums offer something for everyone as does the alliance. If your looking for protection, fun or a leadership position then AFS is the alliance for you!

The Beginning Edit

AFS begun in the remains of ACDC, the ex-members of ACDC were offered two choices, to either find another alliance or to join the ex-founder of ACDC's new alliance. HM4A1 saw the major flaws of ACDC, saw the downfalls and bad points of joining the ex-founders alliance and decided that he could offer something different. The Elite Global Order was formed, with 30 of the ex-ACDC members siging up to join the alliance strength was high right from the start, after many disputes over the name of the alliance, at one point being 'Mars Shield Alliance' it finally rested at Allied Forces of Sovereignty. With the knowledge of his old now defunct alliance FORCE and having been high ranked in many other alliances HM4A1 now has the skills to hopefully form a growing, competitive and high status alliance. Many nations are holding their breath.

Present Edit

As the alliance grew, They jumped from 60 - 80 members and then balanced on the member line of 70 - 80 for long periods of time. But for the long peaceful streek troublemakers always come out. With this one of the old members of ACDC Denmark Resistance aided a (Fan) member, who was hiding in the AFS alliance. Due to this he quickly came under attack, and shortly left for his own fate. But with this much of AFS came under immense pressure from the NPO and a diplomatic crisis quickly ensued. Losing close to 10 members the alliance had a uncertain future, But when reps were offered by the NPO for Denmark mistake, they jumped quickly to the offer and peace and calm quickly came back to the alliance. Denmark joined shorlty after his war's were done, being freed from Npo grasp by the reps the alliance was forced to pay. But many welcomed him back to with open arms. After the Tension eased a new phase of recruitment started quickly gaining and growing past there former member count.

With the Gato - 1v war going on AFS has open arms to refuguess that want to get peace, and or need a safe new home for some.

Charter Edit

Main article: Charter of the Allied Forces of Sovereignty

Government Edit

  • Overlord: HM4A1
  • Co-Overlord: Nathanael
  • Chief of Intelligence: Prather6
  • Chief of Military Affairs: Bobmuncher
  • Chief of Recruitment: The Warrior 78
  • Chief of Foreign Affairs: Mousey
  • Chief of Internal Affairs: Admiral Delaz
  • Chief of Aid and Trade: hazardousdoc

Foreign Relations Edit

  • PIAT with GLOP
  • Member of the OND
  • Protector of TSC

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