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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded.
Allied Coalition of Entities
ACE Official Flag

ACE Official Flag

ACE War Flag
ACE War Flag
ACE Motto: One for All and All for One
Team Color Blue team Blue
  • Founders: CoolToye, TBA
  • CoFounders: TBA, TBA, TBA
Founded 7/26/10
  • Emperor: CoolToye
  • Supreme Commander: TBA
  • Triumvir of Foreign Affairs: TBA
  • Triumvir of Internal Affairs: TBA
  • Triumvir of Military Affairs: TBA
Other Officials
  • Marshal of Foreign Affairs: TBA
  • Marshal of Internal Affairs: TBA
  • Marshal of Military Affairs: TBA
Blue Senate none
International relations Protected By TCU
Notes There are still Founding members making a switch over
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The Allied Coalition of Entities (ACE) is a small alliance on the Blue sphere. It was founded July 26, 2010 when TCU agreed to protect them they than gave it's DoE the week after they was founded


Gave it's DoE at the start of August 2010, a week after they got a Protectorate with TCU at the end of July


Main article: Charter of the Allied Coalition of Entities

The Allied Coalition of Entities is a Duel Constitutional Monarchy, where the Emperor is the Head of State, and the Supreme Commander is the Head of Government.

The Emperor as head of State is in charge of FA, and MA The Supreme Commander as Head of Government is in charge of IA and Military Command.

As figurehead the Emperor oversees the Supreme Commander, and thus in the Supreme Commander's absence the Emperor may take over his job responsibilities. As the Head of Government the Supreme commander may substitute for the Emperor in his absence.

The Imperial Senate is the legislative branch, which is overseen by the chancellor

Imperial Line of Succession[]

Emperor (For life) Supreme Commander (If the Emperor is voted out) Chancellor (If the Supreme Commander does not take the job) One of the Triumvirs (Elected by the Senate) One of the Marshals (Elected by the Senate, if no Triumvir is willing)