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Merger occurred on/around May 21, 2009
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Alliance of Powerful Penguinz
ProtectoRIte of the Random Insanity Alliance

APP Official Flag
Team Color Multicolored team Multi-Colored
Founded March 21, 2009

Prime Minister

  • Midas

Deputy Prime Minister

  • Aboooe

Head Dictator Penguin

  • cello-chik
International relations

AllianceStats Statistics as of March 09, 2009

Total Nations 4
Strength 66,576
Avg. Strength 16,644
Nukes 20
Score 0.27
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Note: This article is about the second alliance to use the name the Alliance of Powerful Penguinz



We, the noble penguinz of the Alliance of Powerful Penguinz hereby:

  • 1.) Strive to create and uphold friendly global relations;
  • 2.) Make friendz;
  • 3.) Take over the world, one palm tree at a time;
  • 4.) Promote the use of nuclear weapons, and other weapons of mass destruction such as:
    • -evil pink fuzzeh bunneh minions
    • - rainbows
    • - hannah Montana cds D:
  • 5.) Declare that sour patch kids are amazing and will FOREVER be amazing.
  • 6.) Complaining, cursing, and general bad attitudes are strictly banned and will henceforth result in banning of alliance membership.

Alliance MembershipEdit

All members are required to say the oath of APP and go through a few questions asked by the one of the three government members.

There is no required team color and members are encouraged to keep with their old trade circles.

Tech deals are left up to individual nations, although if APP or RIA nations are looking to buy, they come first.

Our Government will be loosely run, as to eliminate some of the tension that builds up whit major elections and such, so here is the general plan:

Prime Minister- (PM)- there will be 1 along whit a Deputy (DPM). He/She will be the founders, and after we get more members, we may vote to elect others in the future. He/She will generally handle major alliance matters, and have the power to:

  • 1.) Declare War
  • 2.) Declare Peace
  • 3.) Accept new members
  • 4.) Ban members via forums and or irc on a case by case basis
  • 5.) Appoint ministers when we do not have elections.

Head Dictator Penguin- (HDP) Will overlook the alliance and will make sure everything is running smoothly. They will make sure everyone is obeying the charter and doing the right thing as well as being respectful. ☺

PM, DPM, and HDP all share the jobs of:

  • -masking diplomats/creating embassies
  • -being a diplomat to other alliances
  • -recruiting


We don't rly have members we wont have them yet XP But when we do, itll be a 2/3 vote wins for everyone. Elections will be held every 6 months.


1) APP will let nations have nuclear weapons but does not allow first strikes. Any nation caught using Nukes on first strike will be dealt with severely or even banned from APP.

Dual Membership: Dual membership will not be allowed at APP.

Foreign AffairsEdit

  • 1) APP will be diplomatic in all talks and if an ambassador is caught doing otherwise they will get a time-out.
  • 2) APP will be open to any treaties and anyone who wants to be friends biggrin.gif


  • Prime Minister-Midas
  • Deputy Prime Minister- Aboooe
  • Head Dictator Penguin- cello-chik
  • Member- Foreverfaith9
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