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Allianz der Mitteleuropäischen Staaten
Alliance of Central European States
Für die kollektiven Wohlstand für alle
Location of Alliance of Central European States
Das Parlament der Allianz
Ludwig Schmidt
Formation 23 November 1955
Disestablishment 3 April 1956
Total Area 873,722 sq. km.
Total Population 76,945,890

The Alliance of Central European States (German: Allianz der Mitteleuropäischen Staaten) was a large, collective Alliance in the center of the European Continent. The Alliance was created on November 23rd, 1955, through an international treaty between Germany, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Swiss Confederation. At a later time, the Swiss Confederation left the Alliance and was replaced by a Swiss break-away State, Liechtenstein.

Certain collective issues, including security and economic cooperation were managed by the Parlament der Allianz, a collective parliament made up of the leaders and representatives of all member nations. This Parliament was presided over by a jointly chosen Chairman, who managed the meetings between the representatives. Each member nation was given between 25 and 50 representatives.

The Alliance of Central European States was disbanded on April 3rd, 1956, after the Swiss Civil War and the unification of the members of the Alliance into the Kingdom of Tenarra.