Alliance of Bork
Team Color Green team Green

AllianceStats Statistics as of 20Feb 2007

Total Nations 30
Strength 168,578
Avg. Strength 5,619
Nukes 17

The Alliance of Bork is a generally peaceful alliance. We feel that all wars are asshole moves, but must admit that sometimes we are assholes ourselves.

About Edit


Bork World Headquarters


Offical Seal of the AoB

The Alliance of Bork is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. We have satellite offices across America and in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Spain and Sweden.

Leadership Edit

A general election is currently being held to select a leader for the Alliance of Bork.

Election Results
Candidate Doolan Doolan
Votes 7 4

Allies Edit

Generally speaking, we play by no one's rules but our own. However, we do have non-aggression agreements with some alliances:

Enemies Edit

  • Allies of War - We really pwned these guys.
  • Nintendorks - We fought these guys long ago. There has recently been a push within the alliance to take our final revenge on them, however our peace treaty prevents us from doing so. But, we still hate them with a passion that burns brighter than the fire of a thousand suns.


Bork Missile Crisis Edit

Wes has far too much time on his hands

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Fictional DoW on NPO Edit

On 4-18-07, Kinky Gorgi, ex-President of Allies of War, posted that he had "found" a declaration of war on the NPO by Alliance of Bork. He later sent "proof" to selected members, which turned out to be from this page. There were no wars between NPO and AoB. Gorgi has had a history of pulling stunts like this, and at the time of this incident had no CN nation.

Policies Edit


Borkers Bike!

The nations of the Alliance of Bork universally support the use of alternative transportation over private single occupancy motor vehicles. We specifically prefer human powered locomotion such as bicycles.

Unicycles are also welcome.

Want to Join? Edit

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